Today on the blog we hear from one of our awesome ambassadors Gemma Holly and her running coach, Graham Hand of UP Coaching with some great tips on what you can do to get your mojo back after a big race!

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This week Tammy Kacev from Tammy Nutrition shares her expertise on the role of protein in the body.

Protein is an important component of every cell found in our bodies. Everything, from our hair to our nails, is made up mostly of protein. Not only are our entire bodies made up of protein, but our bodies use protein. We use protein to build and repair tissues, to make our enzymes and hormones, to build our bones, and to create lean muscle. —→ Read more

Today we are joined by one of our lovely ambassadors and PT Narelle from Frichot Fitness who will be sharing her pregnancy journey with us and her top tips on how to stay active!

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We are joined today by the lovely Brooke from Stay Fitness & Wellbeing who shares her top tips on how to get back to feeling motivated again.

Motivation doesn’t last, but nothing ever does.

As a Personal Trainer and someone who seems to be over the top motivated year round, I frequently get asked the question, ‘How can I get back to feeling motivated again?’

My reply is simple…. —→ Read more

We are joined today by one of our awesome ambassadors Jesika Mullins of House of Jes who gives us a little insight into her life up until now and how she incorporates exercise into her daily routine with little ones in tow! —→ Read more

Today we have Tammy Kacev from Tammy Nutrition share her tips to stop winter weight gain.

Even though we are all well aware of the risks excess weight gain has on our health, each and every winter, too many of us pile on some extra kilos. Those extra few kilos staring back at us on the scales at the end of winter, which seem to just spring out of no-where, now becomes a reality. Panic sets in!

Yes, winter weight gain is common. But here is the good news everyone! It doesn’t have to happen! There are ways to prevent it. —→ Read more