Being busy is not an excuse, just ask this month's superstar who runs her own business, is a mum to 2 teenagers, and still manages to get out for a run and ride. Meet Jo...

Tell us a bit about you.
Mum to two teen daughters aged 14 and 15. Wife to Shannon of 18 years. Business owner - Frenchams Indoor Plants. Lover of outdoors, blue skies, belly laughing, and cartwheels.

What keeps you fit and active?
Sharing the outdoors with friends, riding bikes, swimming, running. I love the social connection that exercise can bring, whilst setting goals to push my limits. I LOVE coffee and riding and have recently introduced a piccolo stop mid run and have found it works beautifully, for café finding, a mid run stop, and chat, and an added HR and energy boost for the remainder of the run.

Do you have any tips to share to help with motivation and accountability?
Sharing activity (endorphin chasing!) with like-minded active friends, and sometimes this is can be through an online community like the RF Lifestyle page. I'm lucky and grateful for our social run group of ladies; we meet every Wednesday morning at a local oval, run intervals, all with our own goals and our own mission, but meeting up and running together, we are never more than 400m apart! My other tip is always have little goals (daily, weekly) as they count as much (if not more), than striving for one big goal. Be present each day and count the small wins because they add up and all matter, towards keeping you motivated, positive, and striving towards whatever it is you have your sights on.

What's your favourite RunFaster print and/or style?
Ohhh tough question! I am a summer lover, so a shorts girl and love the mid length, mid waist, and pockets! How did we EVER wear tights without pockets?! Prints?! Anything animal print! But Warrior in the latest collection is the first time I've ordered one print in two lengths.

Any other stories or comments?
I have been fortunate and grateful to be part of the RF Ambassador team since 2016, and it has been an absolute delight to watch the brand, team, and product grow and become such a success story. I recall getting my very first pair of RF tights (which I still wear in 3/4 length) and thinking, "uh-oh, wrong size, too teeny, these will never fit", but from first try on, these tights became my favourite, the fabric felt AMAZING, the compression was great, the print didn't stretch, and now, we have four beautiful fabrics to choose from, and new prints every other month AND Aquafit for the water babies like me!


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