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The Baby Vine

When I received these high waisted tights from Run Faster Gear, I was over the moon. They fit perfectly over my bump, provide heaps of support and I feel like I could do anything in them. I started out by just wearing them around the house and for daycare drop-offs – yes, I was that mum that wore her exercise outfit everywhere. They made life easy to get around in, to chase after a toddler and to bend down and pick up things off the floor. A must at this stage of pregnancy. But more than that, they helped me get back into my exercise routine. To read the full article click HERE

The Carousel

The lovely Amy Molloy has featured our high waist range in her recent article on the best pregnancy workout wear on The Carousel

Click the link HERE to check it out!

The carousel



Our lovely ambassador Melissa Flentjar rockin’ her ‘African Queen’ high waist capri’s in her recent photoshoot for the launch of the new Parkrun in Lalor, Vic.

Mel parkrun media

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I haven’t owned running sneakers in a while. I don’t like running. I walk places. And then I got my legs into a pair of RunFaster capris (go bookmark runfastergear.com.au NOW) and holy moly, I needed shoes that could keep up.


These leggings are like rainbow 4-way-stretch magic. You pull them on and THEY STAY PULLED UP.

The double waistband does this lovely supportive thing that makes me look like the babysitter instead of the mum.


The baby belly just zips back where it belongs and I am HELD IN. Magic. Life changing. Like I said, I HAD to go buy shoes to keep up with my pants. These are unicorn leggings that smooth out the wobbly bits and calm down the jiggly bits. To read the full post click HERE



Mum’s with Bubs Fitness

Recently we had the lovely Jenine from Mum’s with Bubs Fitness review a pair of our new high waist range. Here is a snippet of her review. For the full post follow the link HERE

12063331_792909794188745_8754273576182221357_nSo I’ll be the first to admit.  When I started seeing ‘high waisted’ anything had come back into fashion, my first thought was not overly positive.  As a rather short statured woman, the ‘high waist’ look was not a look that I thought would do anything for me other than provide a wedgie…

That was until the fabulous team over at Run Faster Gear sent me a pair of their High Waist tights by Rola Moca (see photo).  I was skeptical as I observed how teeny the waist looked in the packaging.  I thought it would be too hot, too irritating, would roll down too often…BOY WAS I WRONG!

These tights have forever changed the way I look at high waisted tights!  The material is lightweight and cool, the fit is perfect, and I LOVE the way they hold anything a bit, err, ‘loose’ around my midsection in a super-supportive way!  They have become my go-to tights for running, or anything high impact really, because they just make me feel so STRONG and confident in my body!

For the full post click HERE


I AM Magazine

Check out our feature in the recent issue #22 of I AM Magazine. We love this digital magazine, so much great content!


Find the issue here iammagazine.com.au

Running Mums Australia

Recently we had 2 lovely ladies Jemma & Jo from Running Mums Australia review a pair each of our new high waist range.. Here is a snippet of their reviews. For the full post follow the link HERE

— Jemma

I’ve owned cheap tights and also paid over $120 for brand name tights. I prefer to spend $’s as they last. All the tights I own are Black. I made a bold move and purchased a pair of tights with the word ‘energetic’ (white writing) down the Left leg – they are also black!!  As you can see I’m not all that adventurous when it comes to clothing. I don’t like to stand out!!! A couple of days after receiving my tights in the mail I thought I’d try them on before getting dressed into my ‘normal’ exercise attire. Wow! These babies were not coming off. The material was so soft. They looked amazing!!! 11863220_541357636017843_5329019677150443693_n

Major Benefits
1. High waist band – my trouble area is my stomach. This waist band hides this well! Often pants with higher waist bands just
Pushes the problem upwards!! Not in these tights. Seriously awesome!

2. High intensity training – I enjoy running and HIIT style training. I am forever pulling my pants up or pulling my shirts down!! The high waist band just stays put! No more issues with this.

3. Comfort – absolutely by far, the most comfortable pair of tights I have ever worn. Love them. For the full post click HERE


— Jo

The customer service I received was fantastic and I got them within 48hrs of ordering.  I chose the Wonderwall pattern for the bright fun colours compared to my usual plain black choices and I’m so glad I tried something different.

The responses I got from friends were how great they looked…I think I was lucky to escape without losing them before I got to even wear them.  The extra “bling” on the leg is a fun touch too and there was some definite tight envy going on.  I think Run Faster may already have some new customers.

img_0580 (1)

I ordered the medium size (8-12) as per the recommendation received and they were spot on.  I’m a size 10-12 and even though they look small, they definitely stretch comfortably and easily as advised.  The fit and feel was great when on as well.  I went for a 10km run and there was no adjusting needed.  You don’t even feel them once on – they didn’t need to be pulled up even without a drawstring and I enjoyed the support and slimming effect on my waist, not to mention feeling like they smoothed me out through the hips and legs.  And for a shortie at 5″3, the Capri style still looked like a Capri.

Several washes later now and they have stayed their original size and shape every time.  I would highly recommend and they were so comfortable that I’m already trying to decide what pattern to order next!

For the full post click HERE